The Adventure Club Phi Phi Island, Moo 7, Muang, Krabi, 81000
PADI Wreck Diving Speciality Phi Phi Island

Looking for adventure and excitement? Dive the Kled Gaeow Wreck!

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If you’re looking for adventure and excitement on your holiday then how about diving the Kled Gaeow Wreck? Fascinating to explore and teeming with life, this artificial living ecosystem offers divers a certain mystic appeal, whilst exploring the remains of the ship. The...

Why Choose The Adventure Club?

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The dive centres on Ko Phi Phi operate a price agreement system, meaning that every dive center in the main Tonsai village charges the same price. The concept behind this is to safeguard divers’ safety by ensuring nobody tries to cut prices by cutting something vital to...

Low Season Diving in Ko Phi Phi: What to Expect

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Low Season Diving in Ko Phi Phi: What to Expect. Ko Phi Phi’s tropical climate means that we are now entering the tourist low season between May and October, when the prevailing weather pattern is governed by the South-West monsoon over the Indian Ocean. Phi Phi is a lush,...

Highlights of Scuba Diving in Phi Phi

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Are you planning your adventure, scuba diving in Thailand? Have you heard about the amazing diving in Phi Phi or Phuket? Did you know that most Phuket dive centres don’t go diving in Phuket – they come to dive in Phi Phi instead due to the incredible dive sites and phenomenal...

Should I become a Certified Nitrox Diver?

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Did you know that Enriched Air Nitrox is the most popular of the PADI Specialty Courses, and one of the best choices for additional diver training? So what’s it all about and how do you become a certified nitrox diver? Stay down longer and get back in the water sooner...

Mitch Milner’s Video of the Kled Gaeow Wreck

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Mitch Milner recently came and dived the newly sunk Kled Gaeow Wreck with The Adventure Club. With only his buddy, the gorgeous Lara, and divemaster Annelies, the team descended onto the wreck. Using his GoPro, Mitch was able to capture some of the fantastic scenes whic...

Angela’s Rescue Diver Course

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Divemaster candidate Angela Goldstein is spending her summer at The Adventure Club while she completes here courses up to and including the PADI Divemaster course. Working with Chris she has just completed her Rescue Diver and EFR courses. The PADI Rescue course is one of the...

August Nursery Maintenance

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Cleaning the coral nursery at Phi Phi Ley Island is a monthly job that is done to ensure that the coral fragments growing in the nursery are not smothered by algae as it attempts to take over the space on the racks. Algae grows naturally in areas of the reef that have damaged...

Net Rescue at Kled Gaeow Wreck

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Yesterday (30 July 2014) a report came in that a huge net was discovered covering the Kled Gaeow Wreck, making diving it impossible if not dangerous. A volunteer team made up of divemasters and instructors from most of the dive centers in Tonsai Bay was quickly put together, and...

Coral Nursery Maintenance – April 2014

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On our recent monthly coral nursery clean up, we decided to also do a fun dive to the new wreck the Kled Gaeow. Already after only 4 weeks since it’s sinking there are already huge schools of juvenile fish all over the wreck. Also colonizing the wreck were tube anemones,...