The Adventure Club Phi Phi Island, Moo 7, Muang, Krabi, 81000
Morning Dive Trips
Afternoon Dive Trips
Consist of two dives
Maximum 4 divers per divemaster
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Scuba Diving Koh Phi Phi

We offer daily dive trips for certified divers. There is a choice of morning trip or afternoon trip.
Morning trips start at 0700 AM and return at 1200 PM. Afternoon trips start at 1300 PM and return at 1600 PM.

Each trip consists of 2 dives with a light meal between the dives.

Leaving Phi Phi Island in the afternoon? No problem, the morning trip is back in time for you to take the ferry back to the mainland with time to spare.

Arriving to Phi Phi Island on the morning ferry? No problem. You still have enough time to get to our center to register and join our dive boat for the afternoon dive trip.

Not staying overnight on Phi Phi Island? Sorry, these programs are not for you. The only way to do any of our programs is if you are staying overnight on the island.

Diver Registration

Registration for any morning trip needs to be done the day before so we can make all the necessary preparations in advance. Registration includes equipment sizing and checking diver qualifications so bring your logbook and c.card.

Multi dive packages

You may book a multi dive package of any amount of 6 or more dives and save 10%. Use them as you wish. You do not need to dive on consecutive days. Or, you can dive a trip in the morning and dive a trip in the afternoon and then skip a day. You choose.

Scuba diving on Koh Phi Phi is a popular activity. The dive sites are spectacular and varied. Reef dives, wall dives and wreck diving are all within a quick boat ride from Koh Phi Phi. The water is warm and inviting all year long. For divers, the variety of dive sites and the abundance of marine life will make your scuba diving experience on Koh Phi Phi an exceptional one. Many of the dive sites are accessible to all levels of scuba divers.


Two Dive Package

Half day: Morning or Afternoon
2 local fun dives
4 divers per divemaster
Half day program
Available everyday
Book Now!
2,500 ฿

PADI Adventure Diver

1 dive
Ages 15 years and up
1 dive
Add to any fun diver package
Start any day
Book Now!
600 ฿

Scuba Review Program

Morning or Afternoon
2 local fun dives
Refresh your knowledge and skills
Increases confidence
Available everyday
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3,200 ฿

Night Dives

2 -3 hours
Meet at 1815 PM
1 night dive
4 divers per divemaster
Available everyday
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1,900 ฿

Non-Diver on Dive Boat

Every day
2 local fun dives
4 divers per divemaster
Half day program
Available everyday
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700 ฿

Hin Daeng And Hin Muang

7 hours
2 deep dives
Thailand's deepest dive sites
6 divers per divemaster
Available Wednesdays and Saturdays only
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5,500 ฿


King Cruiser Wreck

One day
1 dive on the King Cruiser
1 dive on Shark Point
1 dive on Anemone Reef
Email us for schedule
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4,300 ฿

Kled Gaeow Wreck Dive Trip

Every day
1 wreck dive
1 local marine park dive
4 divers maximum
Available everyday
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3,100 ฿


Six Dive Package

6 dives/ 3 trips
6 local fun dives
3 days diving
4 divers per divemaster
Available everyday
Book Now!
7,500 ฿6,750 ฿

Eight Dive Package

8 dives/ 4 trips
8 local fun dives
4 days diving
4 divers per divemaster
Available everyday
Book Now!
10,000 ฿9,000 ฿

Ten Dive Package

10 dives/ 5 trips
10 local fun dives
5 days diving
4 divers per divemaster
Available everyday
Book Now!
12,500 ฿11,250 ฿


Diving depth around Koh Phi Phi is usually at a maximum of 25 meters. In fact, you will enjoy most of the dives at an average depth of 12 meters. At that depth is where most of the marine life is encountered. Turtles, wrasses of all shapes and colour, damsel fish and clown fish make for colourful dives. Koh Phi Phi is also known as the leopard shark Mecca of Thailand. They can often be seen resting on the sand by scuba divers on many dive sites. And for some luck divers, whale sharks sometimes patrol the area! These gentle and elusive giants will certainly bring a bit of an adrenaline rush on any dive. When there are currents, the dive sites are easily explored while drift diving. The dive boat will always pick you up where you surface, there is no need to swim back against the current. At The Adventure Club we offer a variety of spectacular scuba diving packages for certified divers of all levels. Our scuba diving trips leave daily morning and afternoon aboard our custom built dive boat, the Reef Ranger. Dive briefings are tailor made to suit diver certification and our small group policy ensures a personal service and memories for a lifetime. Our multi-lingual divemasters will cater to all the details that make for a great scuba diving day trip. We're not just about scuba diving, we're about the whole package.

Our Location

We are located on Phi Phi Island, which is about 50 kilometers from the mainland.

How can you dive or snorkel with us?

To dive or snorkel with us you will need to book accommodation on Phi Phi Island.

If you are staying on the mainland it will not be possible to get to and from Phi Phi Island within the same day.