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Rescue Diver Course Promo Offer

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Prevent and manage diving emergencies

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Rescue Diver Course Promo Offer


The PADI Rescue Diver Course is the turning point in your diver training when we turn your attention on how to prevent and handle diving emergencies. During the PADI Rescue Diver Course you will learn the difference between administering rescue skills and rescue management and how both roles play an important part to safer diving. Voted our student’s most favorite course program!

The PADI Rescue Diver is over three  days.

Courses start any day.

The course is split into 3 parts: Classroom theory and video sessions Confined water rescue scenarios Open water rescue scenarios PADI Rescue Diver


Day 1 1730-2100: Classroom theory

Day 2 0900-1200: Complete classroom theory 1400 -1800: Confined water training

Day 3 0700-1300: Open water rescue scenarios, two dives

Day 4 0700-1300: Open water rescue scenarios, two dives

Theory classes are conducted in our air-conditioned classrooms

Confined water rescue scenarios are conducted at the beach

Open water rescue scenarios are conducted at the Bida islands and Phi Phi Ley Island and will include four fun dives

Includes: PADI Rescue Diver Manual, Full diving equipment, Tea, coffee and water, Lunch and fruit, PADI instructor, PADI Rescue Diver certificate, National Park fees, Insurance

Pick up service is not included. Guests need to make their own way to our dive center for the trip meeting point.

More Details

(Part 1): Theory and video sessions The theory and video sessions take place in our custom-built air conditioned classrooms. There are 5 modules of theory and subsequently 5 videos for each module. Each PADI Rescue Diver video can take between 45 -60 minutes to watch. We recommend to watch the first of the PADI Rescue Diver videos in the evening of the first day from 17:30h to 21:00h and in this way they can free up the workload for the following day. Each module is proceeded by a discussion with our PADI Instructor and the study sessions are checked with the use of pop quizzes, or multiple choice quizzes to help monitor the students progress and understanding of the material. The following day we shall start around 09:00h and complete the theory sessions where we left off the previous evening. Did you know that you can complete the PADI Rescue Diver theory in advance by using PADI’s eLearning classes available at PADI’s website? Please see here for more information

(Part 2): Confined Water Training

Confined Water Rescue scenarios will be conducted from the beach Each skill is carefully explained by the diving instructor and then demonstrated by the instructor, so the student may feel confident that they can perform the skill themselves. Just like the theory and video sessions, there are 5 confined water training modules.

(Part 3): Open Water Dives

To perform open water rescue scenarios we shall make two trips over two days to the Bida Islands and Phi Phi Ley island to some of the best dive sites the islands have to offer. Between four fun dives various open water rescue scenarios will be conducted. You’ll have to be on your toes here because you never know when the scenarios may occur!. Each fun dive is approximately an hour long and there is a light lunch and refreshments provided between the dives. Academic Training Self rescue and diver stress Diving first Aid Emergency management Equipment considerations Water Skills Training Swimming & non swimming assists Panicked-diver responses Underwater problems Missing diver procedures Surfacing the unconscious diver In water artificial respiration Equipment removal during artificial respiration Egress and first aid for diving accidents Upon completion the student is presented with a temporary PADI Rescue Diver certificate while waiting for their main dive certificate card to arrive from PADI headquarters.


Must be over the age of 15 years

Must be healthy to dive

Must complete all sections of the course

Must a be certified Advanced Diver

Must be certified in medic first aid training. Please see the PADI Emergency First Response course.


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Special Conditions for this promotional offer:

This promotional offer is available strictly for online bookings only. Walk-in bookings will be charged the regular rate.
All promotional offers are non-changeable and non-refundable.
Promotional offers require full payment through our website.
Students should check the PADI Medical Statement before booking. A doctor’s medical certificate is not required unless the student answers ‘Yes’ to any of the listed issues.

Please download the PADI MEDICAL STATEMENT here:

PADI Medical Statement – English

This form is required to be completed at the beginning of each PADI dive course. If the student has any medical issues that are in this form, he/she will need a physician to complete the 2nd page of the form declaring the student fit to dive. A doctor’s certificate is not needed if the student has no history of any of the medical issues listed.

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Additional information


PADI Rescue Diver Manual, Full diving equipment, 3-4 day program, Classroom theory, Confined water training, 4 Rescue dives, Light meal, fruit, tea, coffee and drinking water, Insurance


In order to prepare everything we require guests to complete the registration process the day before the course start date. The registration includes completion of PADI documentation, equipment sizing, and completion of payment.


Student will watch the PADI Rescue Diver video in one of our classrooms and the instructor will review and test the students knowledge of the Rescue Diver Course theory. Confined water training is conducted at the beach and is followed by two more days with open water diver rescue scenarios.

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