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PADI Open Water eLearner

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Suitable for: Beginners and first timers

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PADI Open Water eLearner

The PADI Open Water eLearner package is for students that wish to complete all of the theory at home online through the PADI Open Water eLearning.

Once a student has completed the PADI eLearning the next step is to start the in-water training. This will involve the confined water training followed by 2 boat trips with 4 the open water dives.
We take into consideration the time you spent eLearning and the cost of this portion of the course and we offer the completion of the course at a reduced price from our regular rates.

Special Note: This item includes only the portions to complete the training after the student has completed eLearning.

Schedule and Process

  1. Purchase the PADI Open Water eLearner using this link PADI eLearning
  2. Study all of the videos for the Open Water Diver course
  3. Answer all knowledge reviews, quizzes and final exam questions
  4. Print off the completion documents for the PADI Open Water eLearner
  5. Set a date with The Adventure Club to complete the in-water portions of the PADI Open Water Diver course
  6. Book your flight


This schedule is based on guests arriving in the afternoon to Phi Phi Island

  • Arrive on Phi Phi Island.
    • 1730 PM: Student registration. Complete PADI Quick Review Quiz
  • Day 1:
    • 0800 AM – 1200 PM: Confined water training at the beach.
    • 1300 PM -1800 PM: Boat trip with 2 open water dives
  • Day 2:
    • 0700 PM – 1200 PM: Boat trip with 2 open water dives


If you have a iPad you might be interested in downloading and watching PADI Touch product and watching the materials offline.

Remember, you will need to log into PADI’s website and purchase the PADI Open Water eLearner program directly with PADI as our rates are separate to PADI’s charges.


  • Must be able to swim
  • Must be staying overnight on Phi Phi Island
  • Must be in good health (Divers with a history of medical illness must obtain a certificate from a doctor allowing them to dive
  • Must be 10 years or older*

*Children of 8 -10 years of age may do a Bubblemaker


  • Student registration forms and Medical questionnaire
  • PADI Quick Review Quiz
  • Full Confined Water Training
  • 2 boat trips with 4 open water dives
  • Instruction by fully certified PADI Instructor
  • Lunch, Fruit, Water, tea, Coffee
  • Dives at the Bida Islands and Phi Phi Ley Island dive sites
  • Maximum 4 persons per instructor
  • Accident insurance

Medical Statement

In order to do a Discover Scuba Diver Program each candidate must complete the medical statement.

A doctor’s certificate is NOT required if the diver can answer ‘NO’ to all of the questions.

A doctors certificate is only required when the candidate can answer ‘YES’ to any item on the statement

Please go this link to download the Medical Statement. If you can answer ‘YES’ to any item please take a copy of this statement and present it to the doctor for him to sign.



There are national park fees for diving or snorkeling at the Phi Phi Islands.

Scuba Diving

All divers pay the national park rangers stationed at the Phi Phi Island pier before boarding the dive boat. The following fees will apply:

1st Day diving: 400 baht
2nd Day diving: 200 baht
3rd day diving: 200 baht
Non Diver (snorkeler) on dive boat: 400 baht
4th Day diving: 400 baht
5th Day diving: 200 baht
And so on…

Snorkeling Trips on Longtail Boats

For snorkeling trips conducted on longtail boats, national park fees only apply if the guests go onto the beach at the following locations:

  • Maya Bay
  • Bamboo Island

If guests do not go onto the beach at these locations they are not required to pay a national park fee.

Please Note

  • None of the prices quoted for dive programs or snorkel trips include the National Park fees.
  • We do not collect the fees from the guests. Payment should be made directly to the national park rangers by the guest
  • Divers and snorkelers should ensure that they are provided a ticket for any payments made.



Discount Coupons

Did you know that we offer a 10% discount off any further fun dive trips to students that have completed a course with us? Send us an email and we shall issue a discount coupon number that you can apply to your shopping cart,  that will reduce the price of your fun dives


Additional information


Quick Review Quiz, Confined water training, Full diving equipment, 4 open water dives, Light meals, fruit, tea, coffee and drinking water, Insurance


Student registration can take place on the start date of the course. Registration will include completion of the PADI student documentation, and a review of the course outline. Students will provide copies of their eLearning completion documents and then complete the Quick Review Quiz.


All students must be healthy to scuba dive. We strongly recommend guests review the PADI statement prior to signing up for any diving program. You may download the PADI medical statement from any of our dive course pages.