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PADI Open Water Diver Course – Promo Offer

฿ 13,800.00 ฿ 11,500.00

Please carefully read the conditions for this promotion offer at bottom of the page.

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PADI Open Water Diver Course - Promo Offer

PADI OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE with library version of the PADI Touch


This package will give you free access to our library version of the PADI Touch product. This means that you can complete 95% of the theory at home and save 1,800 baht off from the usual price.

How Does It Work?

    1. Book this product by making the deposit payment of 5000 baht
    2. We shall send you the codes to access our library version of the PADI Touch product.
    3. Watch all the videos and read the chapters on the PADI Touch at home.
    4. Complete the knowledge reviews for each chapter. We shall send you a PDF to print and use to accomplish this.
    5. Come and complete the remainder of the course at our dive center.

What else do you need to know?

  1. The PADI Touch works better on an iPad or similar android device, although you can still access all of the material on a PC.
  2. Upon completion of the course, the PADI Touch product will remain the property of The Adventure Club.
  3. We shall provide you your own online version of the PADI Open Water Diver manual upon completion of the course.
  4. You must complete all of the sections of the PADI Touch training.
  5. If our instructors feel that the student has not studied all of the material, the student is requested to do complete all of the theory in our classroom and will have to pay the full price for the course (13,800 baht). This will also result in taking longer to complete the course.
  6. The national park fee is not included in our price. The national park fee will 600 baht for 2 days diving in the Phi Phi Island national park.
  7. The quizzes and exam will be administered at our dive center.


  • Full PADI Open Water Diver training
  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual (either online manual or paperback version)
  • Full diving Equipment
  • PADI OWSI Instructor, ratio 4:1
  • PADI Open Water Diver Certificate (Gold)
  • Insurance
  • Lunches, refreshments, tea, coffee and drinking water served aboard the dive boat

The course consists of 3 parts:

  1. Studying the PADI Touch and completing the quizzes and exam
  2. Confined water training
  3. Open water training dives

Course Schedule

Day 1
1730-2100: Quizzes and exam
Day 2
0900-1200:  Confined Water training
1300-1800: Boat Trip with Open Water Dives 1 + 2
Day 3
0700-1300: Boat Trip with Open Water Dives 3 + 4


More Details

(Part 1): Theory and video sessions

The student access the PADI Touch product and studies all of teh materail and completes all of the knowledge review. There are 5 modules of theory and subsequently 5 videos for each module. Each video can take between 45 -60 minutes to watch. It is essential to study the material carefully. Upon arrival to our dive center we shall administer the quizzes, and final exam

(Part 2): Confined Water Training

Confined Water Training means learning to dive in water which is shallow enough to stand up. Our confined water training takes place on the beach in a natural environment. This will start on day 2 where the students will start to develop the skills required to learn to dive. Each skill is carefully explained by the diving instructor and then demonstrated by the instructor, so the student may feel confident that they can perform the skill themselves. Diving skills are developed starting with the easier skills and progress as the student’s confidence and ability progresses. Just like the theory and video sessions, there are 5 confined water training modules.

(Part 3): Open Water Dives

The final part of the course are the four open water dives. Open water dives 1 and 2 are conducted on the same day to a maximum depth of 12 meters. Our dive boat ‘Reef Ranger’ travels out to the Bida Islands or Phi Phi Ley island to some of the best dive sites the islands have to offer. Each dive is approximately an hour long and there is a light lunch and refreshments provided between the dives. Open water dives 3 and 4 conclude the course on the last day with a similar program outline as for open water dives 1 and 2.

Upon completion of the PADI Open Water Diver Course, the student is presented with a temporary PADI Open Water Diver card that enables the newly certified diver to participate in any fun dives while waiting for their main dive certificate card to arrive from PADI headquarters.


Must be over the age of 15 years

Must be healthy to dive

Must complete all sections of the course

Must be able to swim 200 meters and float for 10 minutes


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Special Conditions for this promotional offer:

        1. This promotional offer is available strictly for online bookings only. Walk-in bookings will be charged the regular rate.
        2. Any student that does not complete the PADDI Touch training will be charged the full amount and required to complete all the remaining portions of the theory.
        3. All promotional offers are non-changeable and non-refundable. 
        4. Students should check the PADI Medical Statement before booking. A doctor’s medical certificate is not required unless the student answers ‘Yes’ to any of the listed issues.

Medical Statement

In order to do a PADI Open Water Diver Program each candidate must complete the medical statement.

A doctor’s certificate is NOT required if the diver can answer ‘NO’ to all of the questions.

A doctors certificate is only required when the candidate can answer ‘YES’ to any item on the statement

Please go this link to download the Medical Statement. If you can answer ‘YES’ to any item please take a copy of this statement and present it to the doctor for him to sign.



There are national park fees for diving or snorkeling at the Phi Phi Islands.

Scuba Diving

All divers pay the national park rangers stationed at the Phi Phi Island pier before boarding the dive boat. The following fees will apply:

1st Day diving: 400 baht
2nd Day diving: 200 baht
3rd day diving: 200 baht
Non Diver (snorkeler) on dive boat: 400 baht
4th Day diving: 400 baht
5th Day diving: 200 baht
And so on…

Snorkeling Trips on Longtail Boats

For snorkeling trips conducted on longtail boats, national park fees only apply if the guests go onto the beach at the following locations:

  • Maya Bay
  • Bamboo Island

If guests do not go onto the beach at these locations they are not required to pay a national park fee.

Please Note

  • None of the prices quoted for dive programs or snorkel trips include the National Park fees.
  • We do not collect the fees from the guests. Payment should be made directly to the national park rangers by the guest
  • Divers and snorkelers should ensure that they are provided a ticket for any payments made.

Additional information


PADI Open Water Diver Manual, 3-4 day program, Full diving equipment, Access to PADI Touch library version, Confined water training, 4 dives, Light meal, fruit, tea, coffee and drinking water, Insurance


Student registration can take place on the start date of the course. Registration will include completion of the PADI student documentation, and a review of the course outline. Students may start the video training after registration.


All students must be healthy to scuba dive. We strongly recommend guests review the PADI statement prior to signing up for any diving program. You may download the PADI medical statement from any of our dive course pages.

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