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Four Dive Package

฿ 5,000.00 ฿ 4,000.00

Suitable for: All certified divers

Full equipment included

Max 4 divers per divemaster

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Pay a deposit of 10% per item

Payable Today: ฿ 400.00 Future Payments: ฿ 3,600.00

Four Dive Package

You know it. One dive trip is never enough. Book a Four Dive Package and explore more of the Phi Phi island dive sites. We will ensure that you will dive at different dive sites every day to take in the best that the Bida Islands, Phi Phi Ley island and the other reefs have to offer. Each trip consists of two fun dives with a light meal provided between the dives. Trips are conducted aboard the Reef Ranger, which has been custom built for the comfort of divers.

Remember to inform us whether you prefer the morning start (07.00 AM) or the afternoon start (13.00 PM)

How can you use the four dives? Anyway you want.

  • You can do 2 consecutive days
  • You can do 4 dives in one day (morning trip and afternoon trip).
  • You can do a morning trip one day and  afternoon trip another
  • You can do a trip one day, followed by a day off and then do another trip the day after and so on.


Which Dive Sites?

We have many dive sites around the Phi Phi Islands. Around 15-20 to choose from. Obviously it would be impossible to allow every diver to choose his own dive site as that would mean us have a different dive boat for each site and each diver. However we do visit the best dive sites on a daily basis and for divers that are doing Multi Dive packages like our Six Dive Package or our Eight Dive Package with us, we will rotate the dive sites so you get to visit a different location each time. No matter the sites, we know you will be amazed by the variety of marine life at each.

Who can do our Four Dive Package?

  • Persons that are scuba diver certified diver or higher
  • Persons must be staying overnight on Phi Phi Island
  • Diver must have dived within the last 12 months. (does not apply to certified divers with more than 50 dives)
  • Certified divers that have not dived in the last 12 months must do Scuba Review



  • Full Diving equipment: BCD, Regulator, 3 mm Wetsuit, Mask, Fins, Weights, and  12 L tanks
  • Four dives at the Bida islands and /or Phi Phi Ley island
  • Morning or afternoon options (each trip is around 5 hours duration)
  • Lunch, Fruit, Water, tea, Coffee
  • Dives at the Bida Islands and Phi Phi Ley Island
  • Maximum 4 persons per divemaster
  • Accident insurance


Diver Registration

  • For morning trips divers must complete registration and equipment sizing the day before the trip. We close at 1000 PM
  • For afternoon trips divers may complete the registration and equipment sizing before midday on the day of the trip.


When ever possible we appreciate divers coming in earlier to take care of the registration process so that we can ensure a smooth and well-organized dive trip.


Leaving Phi Phi Island in the afternoon? No problem, the morning trip is back in time for you to take the ferry back to the mainland with time to spare.
Arriving to Phi Phi Island on the morning ferry? No problem. You still have enough time to get to our center to register and join our dive boat for the afternoon dive trip.
Not staying overnight on Phi Phi Island? Sorry, these programs are not for you. The only way to do any of our programs is if you are staying overnight on the island.


There are national park fees for diving or snorkeling at the Phi Phi Islands.

Scuba Diving

All divers pay the national park rangers stationed at the Phi Phi Island pier before boarding the dive boat. The following fees will apply:

1st Day diving: 400 baht
2nd Day diving: 200 baht
3rd day diving: 200 baht
Non Diver (snorkeler) on dive boat: 400 baht
4th Day diving: 400 baht
5th Day diving: 200 baht
And so on…

Snorkeling Trips on Longtail Boats

For snorkeling trips conducted on longtail boats, national park fees only apply if the guests go onto the beach at the following locations:

  • Maya Bay
  • Bamboo Island

If guests do not go onto the beach at these locations they are not required to pay a national park fee.

Please Note

  • None of the prices quoted for dive programs or snorkel trips include the National Park fees.
  • We do not collect the fees from the guests. Payment should be made directly to the national park rangers by the guest
  • Divers and snorkelers should ensure that they are provided a ticket for any payments made.
  • General

    Each trip:

    DURATION: 5-6 hours + –
    STARTS: 0700 A.M. or 1300 P.M.
    ENDS: 1230 P.M. or 1830 P.M.
    INCLUDES: Four dives, briefings, full diving equipment, lunch, fruit, water, divemaster
    MAXIMUM DEPTH: Depends upon certification level

    Trip Procedure

    – Meet at dive center

    – Board Reef Ranger dive boat at the pier in Tonsai bay, Phi Phi Island

    – Furthest local dive site is only 45 minutes away

    – Divemasters manage equipment assemblies and boat/dive briefings prior to arrival at dive site

    – Divemasters guide groups of no more than 4 persons.

    – Dive times average 60 minutes per dive

    This program is suitable for certified divers only
    Dive trips depart morning and afternoon
    Each trip includes 2 dives
    Includes: 4 dive package, Full diving equipment, Tea, coffee and water, Lunch and fruit, PADI Divemaster, Insurance
    Pick up service is not included. Guests need to make their own way to our dive center for the trip meeting point.

    Subject to:

    Must be a certified diver
    Must have dived in the last year (unless diver has more than 50 dives)
    Divers that do not meet the requirements are required to do a Scuba Review Program
    Need to book, register and be sized for the diving equipment at least the day before the trip


    Non-divers and snorkelers are welcome aboard the dive boat

  • Click on an image to enlarge

  • Guests should book at least one day before the trip date
    Booking registrations can be made directly at the dive center either the day before the trip date (for morning tours) or before midday for afternoon tours.
    Any diver with less than 50 dives and has not dived in the last year must do a Scuba Review Program
    A 10% deposit payment through our website will reserve spaces for this trip
    Final payment can be made at the dive center prior to trip departure
    If you are not sure, send us an email.



Additional information


Two dive trips, 4 dives, Full diving equipment, Divemaster, Maximum 4 persons per group, Light meal, fruit, tea, coffee and drinking water, Insurance


In order to prepare everything we require guests to complete the registration process the day before for morning trips and before midday for afternoon trips. The registration includes diver certificate verification, equipment sizing, and completion of payment. All equipment is then pre-packed and loaded onto the dive boat. Guests may choose to dive on non-consecutive days.


We require divers with less than 50 dives that have not dived within the last 12 months to participate in a Scuba Review program.

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