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How To Get To Koh Phi Phi

If you're wondering how to get to Phi Phi Island, wonder no longer. At The Adventure Club we have all the answers. With over 20 years of experience we can provide you with the information that will save you valuable holiday time. Flying into Phuket or taking the bus from Bangkok? For a complete schedule of your travel needs email us now!


Royal Jet Cruiser from Phuket


Jet Cruiser 5 from Phi Phi Island


From Phi Phi Island to Aonang


Phetpailin Ferry from Koh Lanta



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    Ferry Boats

    The ferryboats are quite large and sturdy, however they are not exactly built for comfort. Fortunately the Koh Phi Phi travel times are not usually more than 2 hours. There are a few different companies that operate ferries:
    • Chao Koh Ferry Group
    • Andaman Wavemaster
    • Sea Angel
    • Phi Phi Cruiser

    Departure and Arrival Times
    • Ferries tend to leave on time so try to be at the pier at least 20 minutes before to find a good place to sit.

    How do you purchase tickets?

    It is not necessary to purchase tickets in advance, but it can save you time and money depending where you get your tickets from. Tickets can be purchased at the following places:
    • Directly at the pier on the same day as departure
    • Travel Agents
    • The Adventure Club

    Important Notes

    When arriving or departing on flights via Phuket or Krabi International airports please calculate at least 1hour transit time by minibus or taxi between the piers and the airports. For example if you arrive at Phuket airport after 1330 you will not be able to get the last ferry to Phi Phi Island and will have to spend the night in Phuket.
    There is a good chance of sunburn if you sit on the top deck of the ferries, even when the weather is cloudy.
    If you suffer from seasickness, take a seasick pill 30 minutes before departure, sit at the back of the boat or on an upper level where you can sea the horizon.

    Minibus Service

    After traveling up to 15 hours by plane, the last thing you want is to haggle for prices in a crowded airport terminal and still not be sure whether you are going to where you want to go. Our minibus pick-up service is professional and will save you time, energy and probably a few brain cells from imploding. Our minibuses are suitable for groups of 4- 8 persons with luggage.

    Taxi Service

    Our drivers wait at the designated meeting point. They hold a sign with the guests name and will already be assigned to take you to a predetermined destination.
    Taxis take a maximum of 3 persons with luggage.

    How can you book transportation through The Adventure Club?

    Email us as many details as possible. Things to include:
    • The services you are interested in, i.e: taxi, minibus, ferries
    • One way or return services
    • Where you will be coming from, i.e: Phuket, Krabi, etc
    • The airport or the hotel name
    • The flight numbers if applicable
    • The arrival and/ or departure times
    • The number of persons

    Helpful Tips

    • Check your time of arrival and allow at least 1 hour to get from the airport to the pier.
    • Purchase your ferry tickets in advance, otherwise you may find yourself paying double for them. Although problems are rare avoid storing valuables in bags under your seats when traveling by government bus from or to other major cities in Thailand.
    • Apply for a tourist visa in advance from the Thai embassy in your country as this is easier to extend if you wish to stay longer.
    • Make sure you have at least one year remaining before your passport expires.
    • Avoid sitting on the upper (exposed) deck of the ferry as it is common to suffer severe sunburn, even on cloudy days.
    • Bus and boat Koh Phi Phi Travel timetables are usually accurate so picking up transfers from bus to boat is relatively easy.
    • Travel services such as boat, bus and plane are usually full during peak season or special holidays; book in advance.
    • Book accommodation ahead of time or you may find yourself settling for a room at a much higher cost.
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