The Adventure Club Phi Phi Island, Moo 7, Muang, Krabi, 81000
Tom, Miw, Manu, Enrique and Yup

Living In Thailand | My Thai Experience

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Trying to communicate when you can’t speak Thai: my every day challenge. Generally our conversations go a bit like this: Them: ”Sabai dee mai kup?” – How are you? Me: ”Good”. ”Sabai dee Kap” End of conversation At the beginning of...
Helping the elephants

Going Pro

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A little bit about me… My name is Alex, I’m twenty four years old and when I finished University, I spent two years working in a secondary school, a job I loved, but I couldn’t stop myself getting itchy feet… I couldn’t settle. I was not ready to commit to a “proper”...
Night Snorkeling

Life As A Snorkel Guide

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I have been a snorkel guide for almost 8 months in this paradise island, which is the most amazing job I have ever had so far. Phi Phi is a place where people always come back to and not just because of the parties, fun life, beautiful island, also because of its incredible...

KLED GAEOW -HYLKY – Valmiina sukelluksiin

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Eilen asensimme useita merkkejä, joiden pitäisi helpottaa Phi Phi saarilla sijaitsevan Kled Gaew –hylyn paikantamista ja tehdä sukelluksista turvallisempia. Hylky sijaitsee Phi Phi Leyn itäpuolella, noin 600-800 metrin päässä Pi-Lehn lahdesta. Se on lähes 26 metrin syvyydessä...
Diving in Phi Phi island

Cleaning a Coral Nursery

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May 2015. Around 10 volunteers from various dive centers on Phi Phi Island joined The Adventure Club for our monthly coral nursery clean up and maintenance. This clean has to be done every month otherwise algae can grow unrestrained and smother the corals fragments in the...
Volunteer divers get ready to attach the new corals on dead coral reef

University of Missouri Video Trailer

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Each year for the last 9 years, students of the University of Missouri have visited the Phi Phi Islands. Their mission: to complete a week long program known as the Coral Rehabilitation Workshop. The goal of this workshop is to educate divers to better understand the marine life...

Artificial Reef Gets A Facelift

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The Artificial Reef at Phi Phi Ley Island has been extended with 300 more concrete blocks. The original reef constructed in 2006 consists of 100 blocks so this new addition has increased it’s size considerably. The project is been managed by the Department of Marine and...

Phi Phi Island Coral Nursery

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Once a month maintenance work needs to be carried out on the Phi Phi Island Coral Nursery. This month it was achieved thanks to the support of ten volunteer divers from Phi Phi Island. Since many of the divers have never had the opportunity to do this type of work before, we...

The Day Bollywood Came to Phi Phi Island

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The Adventure Club was proud to receive Bollywood starlets Rochelle Rao and Mahek Chahal who took part in the Discover Scuba Diving program here on Phi Phi Island recently. To add a twist to our regular diving program they happened to bring along the film crew of the Indian...

Mitch Milner’s Video of the Kled Gaeow Wreck

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Mitch Milner recently came and dived the newly sunk Kled Gaeow Wreck with The Adventure Club. With only his buddy, the gorgeous Lara, and divemaster Annelies, the team descended onto the wreck. Using his GoPro, Mitch was able to capture some of the fantastic scenes whic...