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Feeling Adventurous? Try Night Diving!

Feeling Adventurous, and looking for a truly memorable experience? Then try night diving!


In much the same way that Ko Phi Phi can seem like 2 different places from the daytime to during the night, the reefs surrounding us also change dramatically over 24 hours, so why not experience night diving with The Adventure Club.

Leaving at dusk, and descending as the sun sets and light fades you will experience the reef changing as the daytime marine life retires, and the nocturnal organisms become active.

Coral polyps which may appear hard and stone-like during the day open to feed on passing nutrients, and as you focus on the light of your torch you will notice the colours appearing more vibrant than in the day, when they have been selectively filtered out by the sunlight over depth.

You can also experience the beauty that is bioluminescent plankton, flashes of chemical light emitted by tiny dinoflagellates as divers disturb the water column.

Many reef fish that are active during the day rest on the bottom or glide as if in a trance, and some brighter-coloured species change colour to darker “pajama patterns” at night. (For instance the sand perch has stripes and bright colours during the daytime and dull, drab camouflaged splotches at night. Conversely, squirrel fish looks brown and drab during the day but at night it turns brilliant red). Other species of fish (parrotfish and wrasse) secrete mucus sacks that envelopes it like a bubble for protection.

During night diving you are more likely to see octopus and cuttlefish roaming about, moray eels and barracuda on the hunt, as well as soldierfish, squirrelfish, lobsters, crabs, groupers and scorpionfish.

If you have not experienced night diving before then sign up for the Adventure Night Dive and discover a thrilling new perspective on diving with your instructor. You will learn how to communicate effectively with dive lights and hand signals, how to maintain buddy contact whilst night diving, practice maintaining proper buoyancy, as well as navigating underwater with a compass. It’s natural to be a little anxious before entering dark water but it’s also exciting. When you overcome your anxieties about night diving, you get even longer each day to explore and create new and memorable dive memories.

About the Author
Andrew Hewett is the founder and owner of The Adventure Club. Resident of Phi Phi Island for 20 years. Amateur Photographer, experienced diver, passionate about the ocean.

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