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Over the years we have found that many of the questions we are asked are very similar or even identical. Hopefully you will find the answers you are looking for in this page. If not send us a quick email and we’ll be happy to send you a comprehensive and quick reply.

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    Where are you located?

    We have 3 dive centers in different locations on Phi Phi Island in Krabi, Thailand. Two of our centers, including our main center are located in Tonsai Bay. Our third center is part of the Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort located on the east coast of Phi Phi Don.

    Do you offer tours from Krabi or Phuket?

    Unfortunately no. Since our dive centers are located on Phi Phi Island we can only offer trips to guests that are staying on Phi Phi Island.

    What are your opening times?

    Our office hours are from 0700 a.m. to 2200 p.m 7 days per week.

    How can we find you?

    We are within 10 minutes walk of most resorts in the Tonsai area. At the bottom of each page of this website there is a link to a map of our location or click on this MAP TO FIND US to download a map of our main dive center location.

    Did you know that we are recommended by the Lonely Planet as "our favorite dive center on Phi Phi Island is..."

    How can I make a reservation in advance for a dive course, dive trip or snorkeling trip?

    We take bookings in a number of ways:
    • Walk-in bookings directly at our dive center are possible at least one day in advance as long we are not full.
    • By paying through our website, we shall reserve the space for you.

    Can I book by telephone or by email?

    Unfortunately no. We do not accept any bookings or reservation without a paymnet.

    Can I just walk-in and book a tour and then go out on it?

    Our tours are scheduled to leave at certain times. Tours that are leaving in the morning need to be booked at least the day before so that we can prepare the equipment and staff. It is possible, sometimes, to book a trip in the morning that is going out in the afternoon. All booking acceptances are subject to our maximum limits.

    Is it possible that you may be full?

    Since we offer tours where we accept only small groups per staff member, it means we are restricted to the amount of staff we have and therefore we are often full. It is advisable to book in advance if you are sure of the dates.

    How many persons do you accept on a snorkeling trip?

    For mixed groups we only allow 7 persons per snorkeling group

    What if we are group of more than 10 persons?

    For larger private groups we shall provide a private program, just for your group. We are able to cater for group sizes

    If I do a morning tour can I still catch the ferry back to the mainland?

    Any of our morning dive trips or morning snorkeling trips will return to base with plenty of time for you to catch the ferries returning to the mainland.

    If I arrive on the morning ferry from the mainland can I still do the afternoon trips?

    The morning ferries arrive at 1100 a.m. so it is possible to do either our afternoon snorkeling or diving trips.

    What time does the Phi Phi Ley tour start?

    We offer two trips per day: 0730 and 1400

    I have never snorkeled before?

    We have taken hundreds of first timers on our trips. The benefit is that we give our guests a full briefing on how to snorkel properly. This is usually unheard of on snorkeling trips. Most snorkeling trips, you'll be thrown a mask and told "get in here".

    Is snorkeling difficult?

    No, it is very easy. With a simple explanation of the techniques used you can go from zero to hero in no time.

    What is the youngest persons that can do snorkeling?

    We take children as young as 5 years of age as long as they have done a little bit of snorkeling before.

    I can't swim, does that matter?

    It only matters to know so that we give you the appropriate floatation and briefing which is suitable for you. The wetsuit we give helps you to float but the life jacket will make it impossible to sink. Most importantly is the fact that our guides will take care of you personally while you in the water. You will find that snorkeling is very easy and you will surprise even yourself.
    We have had numerous people that could not swim, come back from our trip, and say that it was the best thing they ever did. For us it is a pleasure to know that we can offer the opportunity to do something as amazing as this, to people that thought they would never be able to try.

    Why do you only take 7 persons?

    Small groups means better supervision, more personal experience between the guests and the staff, reduced environmental impact and in the case of the sharks and other marine life, less likely to disturb them. Less people, more fish.

    What if I sleep in and don't make it to the trip in time?

    Unfortunately due to our maximum of 6 persons per group we are usually turning guests away and therefore we do not give any refund or transfer the service to another date, if guest do not show or cancel less than 24 hours prior to the trip date

    What if the weather turns bad, before we leave base?

    In the event of a cancellation due to bad weather conditions we shall give a full refund as long as the trip has not left the base aboard the boat

    What if the weather turns bad while we are out at sea?

    If the weather turns bad after the trip has already started, and the conditions mean that we can no longer offer the programmed tour, we shall try to offer an alternative option or return to base. In either case we do not offer any refund.

    What kind of boat do you use?

    We use traditional wooden longtail boats.

    Do I need to use the wetsuit, even if I do not feel the cold?

    For the Shark Watch the wetsuit is mandatory as this will allow you to float without making any movement. However for the other snorkeling trips it is highly recommended for a number of reasons:

    • They give additional floatation which will give you greater confidence and reduce loss of energy
    • They protect you from sunburn, which is very common when snorkeling.
    • Reducing the loss of body heat will also help you to save energy and will enable you to stay longer in the water
    • Reduce the contact of one celled stinging organisms' commonly known as 'Sea Lice', that can cause mild but annoying stings.

    How long are the trips?

    Our trips are between 3-4 hours. We do not offer whole day tours.

    How many persons do you accept on a dive trip?

    For mixed groups we accept a maximum of 4 persons per dive group

    How many persons do you accept on a dive course?

    For mixed groups we accept a maximum of 4 persons per dive course

    How many persons do you accept on a Discover Scuba Diver Program?

    For mixed groups we accept a maximum of 3 persons per DSD Program

    What is a Fun Dive?

    'Fun dives' is the program that is offered for certified divers only. It is so-called since certified divers have already completed their course and are not required to do any exercises and therefore can just 'Fun Dive'.

    Can anybody just Fun Dive?

    'No. Fun Dives are for certified divers only.

    Does that mean that if I am not a certified diver I can't have fun, diving?

    'Not at all. All it means is that we as a dive center must ensure that you are provided the appropriate training prior to diving and make restrictions on the type of dive you do, for example the depth. Non certified divers can only dive to 12 meters during a Discover Scuba Diver Program.

    If I am staying in Phuket or Krabi can I join your trips?

    Unfortunately not. Our dive center is located on Ko Phi Phi Don and therefore we start and finish all excursions from Ko Phi Phi Don. Due to the schedules of the ferryboats, it is not possible to get from the mainland, complete our dive program and catch the last ferry back to the mainland.

    What time does your dive trip start?

    All year round we offer dive trips that start between 0700 and 0845 depending upon the season. During Peak and High seasons we also offer an afternoon dive trip that starts at 1300h

    If I book on Phi Phi can i just walk-in and then go diving if I have certificate?

    Due to the preparation of equipment, food and staff for each trip we require that our divers register and be sized for the diving equipment at least the day before the trip.

    What if I book more than one day's diving?

    For one or two days the price stays the same. For 3 or more days there is a 10% discount.

    What if I have my own dive equipment?

    We offer a discount for each item of dive equipment you have as follows:

    • Regulator: 200 baht off
    • BCD: 200 baht off
    • Wetsuit: 100 baht off
    • Mask, fins: No discount
    • Dive computer: No discount
    • Maximum discount for dive equipment per trip: 500 baht

    What if I have my own equipment and I book more than one day's diving?

    We shall only offer a maximum of 500 baht off per day.

    How deep are the dives?

    The Phi Phi islands are generally quite shallow dive sites. For Open Water divers the maximum depth is set as 18 meters, however for Advanced Open Water divers we can go to depths of 26 meters approximately. However for the best diving the depth is around 14- 8 meters.

    How often do you offer dive courses?

    We generally can start courses any day, however if you request a specific language other than English we advise you to book in advance.

    How often do you offer courses?

    We generally can start courses any day, however if you request a specific language other than English we advise you to book in advance.

    What if I am flying after?

    It is strongly recommended to leave at least 18 hours between multiple days of diving and flying.

    What if I have medical issues?

    If you think you may have any medical history that may not be suitable for diving it is important to be cleared by a physician. The PADI medical brochure includes a medical statement and if there are any issues which are answered yes then you will not be allowed to dive until cleared by a physician.

    What if I am not a strong swimmer?

    Scuba diving does not require a person to be good swimmer. In fact we have introduced diving to many people that could hardly swim at all. However you will be required to perform a 200 meter surface swim and a 10 minute unassisted float.

    What if I can't finish the course?

    There are a few reasons that a student may not finish the course, such as falling ill, changes in travel plans or other commitment. In which case we shall provide the student with a record of the training they have completed with a Student Referral Form and the course fee will be reduced and charged according to the work completed.

    What is a Student Referral Form?

    This is a record of the training completed by the student, signed and dated by the initial instructor.

    Can I start my course with one company and finish it with another?

    As long as you have a Student Referral form that is not older than one year, then you can complete the remaining part of course at another dive center.

    How deep can I dive after I have completed the course?

    The recommended depth for an Open Water Diver is 18 meters.

    How long does the certificate last?

    There is no expiration date on a certificate once it has been issued. However it is strongly recommended to do a Scuba Review Program (refresher) if it has been a while since your last dive.

    What if can't speak English properly?

    We offer instruction, videos, training manuals and exams in a variety of languages, including:

    • English
    • French
    • Finish
    • Italian
    • German
    • Swedish
    • Spanish

    What is an electronic certificate?

    We shall input your profile, course details and photo into PADIs online certification process and then provide you with a temporary electronic (printout) of your certificate which is valid for use up to 90 days after issue. Your full diver license card shall be mailed to your address directly from PADI headquarters within 6 weeks

    How does the pick up service work from the airport or hotel?

    We will send a taxi or minibus to meet you at the reception area of the hotel or the airport. The driver will stand at the exit holding a sign with your name on it. You will introduce yourselves and confirm that you have a booking with The Adventure Club. You do not need to produce a voucher.

    How long does it take to get to Rassada Pier?

    From the airport it takes 45 -60 minutes.

    If I am flying into Phuket what is the latest arrival time I can plan if I wish to catch the last ferry to the Phi Phi Island?

    We recommend to guests to book flights that do not arrive later than 1320, since the last ferry leaves Phuket for Phi Phi island at 1430.

    How do I get my ferry tickets?

    We shall fax your ferry ticket directly to the company that is running the ferry. we shall also email you a copy of your ferry tickets which you should print off and present to the staff at the pier. They shall then provide you with a sticker and instruct you which boat to get on.

    I noticed there was no voucher number for my return ferry tickets on the booking confirmation form?

    We shall provide you the hard copy of your return ferry tickets at our dive center

    What are the ferry boats like?

    The ferryboats are quite large and sturdy, however they are not exactly built for comfort. Fortunately the Koh Phi Phi travel times are not usually more than 2 hours.
    There are a few different companies that operate ferries:

    • Chao Koh Ferry Group
    • Andaman Wavemaster
    • Sea Angel
    • Phi Phi Cruiser

    How long before the departure time should I be there?

    Ferries tend to leave on time so try to be at the pier at least 20 minutes before to find a good place to sit.

    To check available departure times select the 'departure to' and 'from' fields in our Get to Koh Phi Phi page.

    Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

    It is not necessary to purchase tickets in advance, but it can save you time and money depending where you get your tickets from.

    Tickets can be purchased at the following places:
    • Directly at the pier on the same day as departure
    • Local Travel Agents and Ticket Desks
    • The Adventure Club

    Good Tips
    There is a good chance of sunburn if you sit on the top deck of the ferries, even when the weather is cloudy. If you suffer from seasickness, take a seasick pill 30 minutes before departure, sit at the back of the boat or on an upper level where you can sea the horizon.