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Learn to Dive in Koh Phi Phi

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The PADI Open Water Course with Adventure Club Phi Phi Why Koh Phi Phi is THE best place to learn to dive: Welcome to our beautiful island of Koh...

Snorkeling Basics – Tips for Beginners

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Snorkeling is an excellent way for people of all ages to explore the underwater world with minimal training and skills. Our professional and...

Dehydration and Diving – Don’t let a lack of water ruin your day!

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Did you know that divers are almost always dehydrated during and after a dive? Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluids than it takes...
Stay on Phi Phi island to do any of our Tours

The Adventure Club is On Phi Phi Island

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How Can You Do Any Of Our Excursions? The Adventure Club is on Phi Phi Island. We can take guests of all levels of swimming skill and experience...

Blacktip Reef Sharks – Meet the neighbours!

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Blacktip Reef Sharks, or Carcharhinidae Melanopterus, from the Greek melas meaning “black” and pteron meaning “fin” or...
Take your PADI IDC on Ko Phi Phi

Go Pro with Adventure Club– The ONLY PADI IDC Centre on Koh Phi Phi

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Do you love diving and want to share it with others? Do you want to travel the world and meet new people? Do you want a career that’s rewarding...

Phi Phi’s Plankton and Bioluminscence

Do you like watching the stars light up the sky at night? Then you should check out how plankton illuminates the sea around Ko Phi Phi at night...
discover scuba diving koh phi phi thailand

Discover Scuba Diving

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It is six thirty in the morning and a large flock of birds burst forth from the jungle into flight across the clear blue sky. I walk slowly down...

Where to eat on Phi Phi if you are vegetarian or vegan

Koh Phi Phi Don has several restaurants where you can eat and most of these restaurants offer also vegetarian/vegan dishes. Depending on what you...

An Oasis in an Oceanic Desert

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Coral reefs only occupy 0,07% of the ocean floor, yet they are the oldest and most productive ecosystem in the ocean. They are breeding grounds...

A PADI Instructor’s life on Koh Phi Phi

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I arrived on this paradise island as a backpacker at the end of a life-changing 8 month’s traveling around South East Asia and Australia,...
Diving with sharks or the end of the psychopath killer myth

Diving with sharks or the end of the psychopath killer myth

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At the Adventure Club, we often meet people unfamiliar with the sea in our Discover Scuba Diving program or on our snorkeling tours. It is...